Easy-graft : Classic


Easy-graft: Classic Overview

easy-graft®CLASSIC is the first biomaterial applied straight from the syringe into the defect where it subsequently hardens and creates a porous but stable bone graft. During the application the granules stick together and stay at the defect site.

easy-graft®CLASSIC is 100 % synthetic, completely resorbable and replaced by autologeous bone tissue within months.

easy-graft®CLASSIC is intended for use for all dental indications where bone grafts are needed.

easy-graft®CLASSIC Offers high clinical benefits due to an innovative biomaterial concept

  • Osteo-regeneration and complete resorption of graft due to phase pure ß-Tricalciumphosphate
  • Ingrowth of cells due to interconnected open porosity
  • High porosity due to bionic structure of granules
  • Injectable putty due to fast resorbing polylactic acid coating
  • Prevention of bacterial colonialisation due to dense coating
  • No loss of granules due to solid body formation in situ
  • Blood uptake and tissue ingrowth due to porosity between granules
  • Hemostyptic effect
  • High biocompatibility demonstrated in histologic sections
  • Direct bone contact promotes tissue ingrowth
  • Bone formation in parallel to graft degradation

Product Features

Product Description/Composition

Easy-graft™ Classic is a granulate consisting of bio-resorbable high purity beta-tri-calcium phosphate (beta-Ca3(PO4)2) for filling of bone defects. The purity of the beta-phase is > 99%, allowing complete degradation of the implant material present in the body.

Easy-graft™ Classic is biocompatible. No undesirable inflammatory effects or immunological defense reactions are known for pure beta-tri-calcium phosphates in their appropriate form.

Easy-graft™ Classic is osteo conductive. When filling in the defect, the granules create a macro-porous structure which enables the formation of autologous tissue. The granules’ micro-porosity of more than 50% is able to take up a considerable amount of blood. The presence of blood provides favorable conditions for healing.

Easy-graft™ manufactured by a sinter process at temperatures >1000°C from synthetic raw material and does not contain any animal or human derived substances. The special production technology leeds to granules of high stability with no tendency to fine particle attrition.

How-to Use:mix-apply

easy-graft™ consists of a new unique biomaterial: bioceramic granules with a sticky surface. Apply directly into the defect, the bone graft will harden in situ within minutes...

Step by step...


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Granules must be moistened (ca. 20-30s)


Discard excess fluid


Apply directly from the syringe


Condense well


Easy-graft Products

Reference # C11-012 C11-013 C11-072 C11-073 C11-002 C11-003
Units 3 x 0.15 ml 6 x 0.15 ml 3 x 0.25 m 6 x 0.25 ml 3 x 0.4 ml 6 x 0.4 ml
Granule size 500 - 630 µm 500 - 630 µm 500 - 1'000 µm 500 - 1'000 µm 500 - 1'000 µm 500 - 1'000 µm
Material Pure phase beta-tricalcium phosphate (>99%)
Indication Small defects in oral surgery, implantology, socket preservation, and sinus floor elevation