Myriad:Surgical Placement – Snap

The following pages describe the step by step procedures for the surgical placement of a Myriad-Snap™ D3.3 L13 implant.

Initial access of the osteotomy site is made using the D2.0mm pilot drill.

The pilot drill is used to establish depth and axis/direction of drilling.

Once the depth is established with the pilot drill it is not advisable to change or vary drill depth with subsequent drills but only to progressively widen the osteotomy site. Direction or axis of drilling can be varied slightly if required with subsequent drills. Recommended drill speeds with the pilot drill is between 800-1000 RPM.

In the representation here the pilot drilling is made to a depth of 13mm as the final implant being placed is a D3.3 L13mm implant.

Following the pilot drilling upto a depth of 13mm the osteotomy site is progressively widened with the D3.3mm drill upto the same depth.

The implant blister is peeled open to expose the Myriad-Snap™ implant that is housed in a titanium vial. The Snap insertion adapter can be inserted into the torque ratchet or directly into the handpiece with which the implant can be directly lifted off from the packaging and delivered to the osteotomy site.

The implant can be inserted/turned into place using the torque ratchet or the handpiece. In case the handpiece is used it must be inserted upto the top microthread using the micromotor.

Final tightening is recommended to be done by the torque ratchet with an optimal insertion torque of between 35-45Ncm.