Myriad:Implants:Surgico prosthetic kit


The kit contains 5 universal Duracarb™ drills of diameters D2.0mm, D3.3mm. D4.5mm and D5.7mm. All drills are internally cooled with easily identifiable depth markings.

Drills – Depth Markings

The depth markings on each Duracarb™ drill correspond to the various lengths of implants available with the Myriad™ system – L8mm, L9.5mm, L11m, L13mm & L15mm.


The Myriad™ torque ratchet is one of the most advanced torque ratchets in the Industry today. The all titanium two piece construction makes it relatively simple to dismantle and clean. The torque ratchet can be used for surgery and prosthetics with indicated torque values ranging from 0-70Ncm. The indicated torque value for tightening of all Myriad™ abutment screws is 30Ncm.

Insertion Adapters

The Myriad™ surgico-prosthetic kit contains five colour coded insertion adapters that correspond to the type of implant being placed.

White – Smart/hybrid

Grey – Provi

Yellow – Snap/Provi-snap

Red – Connect

Blue - Plus

Insertion Adapters

The universal insertion adapters are designed to fit the torque ratchet as well as any standard contra-angled surgical handpiece. They are also designed to fit the W&H surgical handpiece with the internal hexed adapter.

Depth Gauge

The Myriad™ depth gauge cum paralleling pin is designed to fit the 2mm pilot hole as well as the 3.3mm osteotomy sites. The depth markings on the gauge correspond to the lengths of the Myriad™ Implants.

Drill Extender

The drill extender can be used with both the drills as well as insertion adapters in situations where implants are being placed in spaces where extra length of the instruments are required.

Abutment Remover

The Tri-cone™ connection like all conical connections results in a cold weld between the abutment and implant when the abutment screw is torqued in. The abutment remover offers an elegant solution to retrieving the abutments by simply screwing the remover into the implant – abutment assembly. The abutment gets easily vertically displaced and can be removed.

Locator Driver

As part of the prosthetic armamentarium also included in the kit is a locator attachment driver which fits the Myriad™ torque ratchet to enable locator attachments to be torqued into place at the recommended 30Ncm.

Screw Driver and Torque Driver

For secure fastening of all Myriad™ screws, available in the kit are a hand screw driver as well as a torque driver.

The hand screw driver also fits the torque ratchet and the torque driver can be used in the handpiece or with the torque ratchet insert.