etk®, your supplier of Naturactis dental implants

The Naturactis dental implant is meant to be used for partial or complete tooth loss, either in the maxilla or the mandible. It’s placed sub-crestally for more esthetic restoration with adapted management of the biological width and healing.

Indications for use

– Post-extraction surgeries
– Immediate functional loading
– Works particularly well for low bone density areas

A thread designed to provide maximum primary stability to your dental implants

The etk brand has developed an implant architecture that gives its product range excellent primary stability.

Double asymmetrical thread for

– Even distribution of chewing forces
– Excellent primary stability of the implant placement
– Reduced heating of the bone and insertion time

Implant microthread seamlessly connects with the main thread

– Tearless insertion into the cortical bone
– Reinforced stability at the cortical bone
– Greater resistance to axial loads
– Reduced shearing stress at the bone/implant interface.

Central protrusion between the threads for

– Tearless insertion into the cortical bone – Reinforced stability at the cortical bone – Greater resistance to axial loads. – Reduced shearing stress at the bone/implant interface.

Deep-blade apex for optimal bone anchorage of the dental implant

The Naturactis dental implant is self tapping, due to the blade-shaped threads coming out of the end. – Ideal for extraction-implantation scenarios. – Makes it easier to get the right insertion axis.

STAE® surface quality, backed by 27 years of clinical experience in surface finish.

The combination sandblasting and etching technology gives the implant a dual-roughness surface quality, which is optimal for osteointegration.

– Sandblasting of the titanium oxide to get macroroughness.
– Acid etching to get microroughness.

Your surgery accessories for the Naturactis dental implant

Standard surgical case

This case provides all the instruments needed for a surgical protocol and to manage all bone densities, for all lengths of the Naturall+ and Naturactis implants.

Mini surgery kit

This simplified kit offers a selection of instruments needed to place the 6- to 14-mm long Naturactis implants.

Stop kit

Universal kit: can be used with all ranges of implants (only on stepped drills).

– Pick up stops directly from a contra-angle
– Color coding makes identifying stops simple, based on the diameter of the drill used.
– 28 stops for short and long drill bits included in the case Can be autoclave sterilized

Extraction kit

With this extraction kit, you can remove abutments that are stuck in the implant as well as broken screws, but you can also remove the implant itself. Our extraction kits are available for all implant ranges.